TINGU's Neat Home

TINGU's Neat Home

Do you like messed up home? Well nobody likes. Prove that you're the best at home cleaning games – clean messy rooms one by one and beat the clock in the most exciting home cleaning game!

TINGU’s Neat Home - is the ideal fun and entertaining game that will teach about housework and cleaning process! you will develop many traits like creativity, spatial awareness, good motor skills, visual perception and hand-eye coordination by playing our “TINGU’s Neat Home”!

So now do you want to learn how to clean your room and help with the housework? Our home cleaning game gives you a chance to do a major transformation of your home and make it shine again!

Salient features of this game:

  • 8 different rooms to clean from floor to ceiling: bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, study room, makeup room etc..
  • Clean up the room before the time runs out – you'll have a limited amount of time to place everything back to its place, as well as take out the trash, scrub any stains and remove the dust!
  • Rooms in the home are quite a mess but there's everything you need in order to clean up rooms: a broom, mop, sponge, duster and much more!
  • Each room has 20+ cleaning tasks to complete. Some of your home cleaning duties include mopping the floors, scrubbing stains out of carpet, cleaning the windows, removing cobwebs and many other exciting tasks.
  • If you get stuck and don't know what to do next, you can press the hint button and see what the room should look like! That will help you discover what cleaning up tasks you missed! You get 2 hints per room and more hints can be enabled after watching ads video.
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